90 Degree Cornering Information
10 feet wide x 12 feet deep
A. Approaching
1. Signal to the right once you are within 50 feet of markers
2. Move over, and as you go by the markers you should be 6-8 feet away.
3. Make sure that you are parallel with the curb
4. Stop the vehicle when your back bumper is 6-8 feet past
the                                      front marker/pole.

B. Backing Up (Put transmission into "REVERSE")
1. Before you move, turn the steering wheel to the "RIGHT" until
steering stops.
2. Your first backing up goal is to wrap around the front marker/pole no
closer              than 1 foot and no further away than 3 feet.
3. Once your vehicle is safely around the marker/pole your attention needs
to              be on the car and make sure you stop when the vehicle is perpendicular
to               the curb.
4. Now straighten the wheels (approximately 1.25 to 1.50 rotations back to
the              left with the steering wheel).
4. Your second backing up goal is to back straight until the front of your
vehicle            is just slightly behind the markers/poles

C. Correction Time!!
1. Double check to make sure you are perfectly perpendicular with the curb,
if              not make the appropriate correction.
2. Check to make sure you are centered from left to right, if not make
the                      appropriate correction. However, correct this only if you are
extremely to far              to one side or the other. If off  just a little then do not

D. I'm Done (put the transmission into "PARK" and set "PARKING BRAKE".

How am I going to be graded?
Contrary to popular belief the 90 degree corner parking portion of the road test is
not worth as many points as one might think. It is only worth "4" points. The driving
examiner from the state does not put as much emphasis on the parking
techniques as the perceived risk or observation portion of the road test.

Is there anything I could do wrong during 90 degree corner parking that
would cause me to fail the entire road test?
There are two primary ways to fail the entire road test while parallel parking.
One is to jump the curb. You can bump the curb but you can't jump the curb.
The second way is to hit a pole. You can bump a pole slightly but you can't
hit one very hard or knock it over.